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Prepare and e-File your 2020 federal tax return safely & securely with ELECTRO‑Tax!

Note: Certain restrictions apply to what can be included in a tax return filed using ELECTRO‑Tax. Learn more…

Safe & Secure

Our unique handling of your important personal data makes your safety and security our top priority. Our tax processor works directly with the IRS to e-file your tax return; thus reducing risk to your data.

We keep your data private. We do not host ads on this site. We do not sell or use your data to advertise. Your personal information is safe and secure and will only be sent to and from the IRS to complete your tax return.

Simple & Easy to Use

All you have to do to file your return is answer a few questions and provide information from your tax documents (such as W-2, 1099-R, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, or 1099-G). Then submit, sit back, and let us do the heavy lifting!

Trusted & Experienced

Our team is using their years and years of tax preparation and software engineering experience to bring you a comprehensive and cohesive system to quickly and painlessly efile your return. The software that is used to process and file your return has been used by tax professionals nationwide since 1987. You can trust it to provide accurate results.

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Anyone Can File!

Regardless if you are single, married, divorced or widowed, student, or a single parent, you can file your 2020 personal federal income tax return.

Some Restrictions Apply

ELECTRO‑Tax covers a vast majority of the most common personal income tax situations. However, not all taxpayers will be able to utilize the tax preparation and e-filing service.


How to use ELECTRO‑Tax™

Fill in your information

Once you've registered or signed in, simply answer questions for you, your spouse, and your dependents (if applicable). You will also need to provide necessary information from your tax documents. These documents can be a W-2 Wage Statement, 1099-R Pension Statements, 1099-INT Interest Statement, 1099-DIV Dividends, 1099-SSA Social Security Benefits, or 1099-G Government Payment (generally used to report unemployment income).

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Save your progress

Need a break? Click Save at any time to save and download your tax return information.

Why do I have to download? you may ask. To keep your tax information safe and reduce vulnerability to hacking, your information will never simply sit on our website. Once you download your encrypted tax file, your information will be cleared from our website. To pick up where you left off, you must upload your saved file to the dashboard (the first step after logging in).

This process aids in securing your tax information.

Review & print your tax return

Once you're satisfied with the information you have entered, you will be able to review your tax return results. Are you getting a refund? Do you owe more taxes?

At this point, you will also be able to download and print your full tax return as a PDF.

Send your return to the IRS

Once you're satisfied with your results, click Calculate & Efile and provide a bit more information. Your tax return information will be processed, packaged, encrypted, and transmitted securely to the IRS.

Check your return status

After the IRS has reviewed and processed your tax return — generally within 24 to 48 hours after receiving your tax return — we will post to your dashboard whether the IRS has accepted or rejected your tax return (along with the reasons it was rejected).

Track your refund

When the IRS has accepted the tax return you submitted, use the IRS's Where's My Refund tool to track your refund status or use the IRS secure payment system to pay any taxes you may owe.

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